Saturday 15th September 2018

Sunday November 26th 2017

Grant funding success

Having first received grant funding from North Lincolnshire Council we have now been awarded an additional grant!

This was awarded by Localgiving and is funded by players of the People's Postcode Lottery through Postcode Community Trust. We would like to give a huge thank you to all of these bodies who support projects such as our own!

Grant money awarded will go straight into the club for things such as venue hire and equipment purchases in order to make our sessions the best they can be.


Think that you have what it takes to be on the team?

Come down and find out.  Play some sports and have fun.

What is VX?

VX is a mixed sport - males and females compete on an equal footing. It's an inclusive sport - players of all abilities and many disabilities can compete. It helps drive participation, especially among the less sporty, but on the other hand, for the more advanced players there is a route right through to international representation.

At Scunthorpe VX Club we usually play the team version so that everybody gets to play and interact. VX is a non-contact team sport where points are scored by hitting anyone on the other team with one of the 5 low-impact tennis balls in play using a stick with scoops at either side which are used to launch the balls. There are no marked zones within the court and players are not out when hit, they just register the point by raising their hand. Protective eye-wear is available from the coaches free of charge for the session and we always use low-impact balls so that the game always stays fun!

Due to the sport being niche we do not expect any new-comers to have any prior knowledge of the sport and we welcome all abilities. VX is great for children who may not be acustomed to playing sport on a regular basis and/or just want to try something new.

VX is also a great way to get healthy. VX is a tiring sport and the best part is that most players don't even realise because they are having so much fun and engaging in the sport and their team. Come and have a go! First session is free!

See the Schedule & Events tab for our session dates and times.

October 2018

Back from the summer break!

That was a great session back after the break.  We are delighted to hear of some players who might be returning to the sport now that they have heard about our club

Success for Jamie

Congratulations to Jamie who is the latest of our players to get onto the England programme.  Jamie successfully attended England trials and impressed everyone, winning a coveted place in the Youth Squad.  We are delighted that Jamie came back to the sport when he heard about the establishment of the new club and could take advantage of all the competitive and other opportunities offered by the official VX bodies.


E.  james@vxengland.org

W. www.scunthorpevxclub.org


Scunthorpe VX Club is the official VX Club in the area recognised by and  affiliated to the NGB.  It is THE club for those players wishing to play VX and be part of the competitive opportunities offered by the official, international VX structure.

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